Adventures of Edgar daKitty

Adventures of Edgar daKitty da stand in cat for Boris Kitty

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Meow-o-Ween

I could no decides wot to wear fur Halloween. I fink Spider-man outfit mites be fur pawty costumes.

And da Batman will be fur trick-or-treating!

I did gets lots of treats wot we is donating to are local shelter kitties.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Did Go To Da Akwariums in NJ

We did go to da Camden, NJ Akwariums last weekends. I did gets ta travel to anutter states fur da first time! I iz in NJ but dat iz Philadelphias, PA back der! purrty kewl huh?

Da fishies at da Akwariums did dekorate fur Halloweens wif cool Jack-o-Lanterns.

See here iz anutter one...hallo der lil fishy how iz u?

I did finds sum pirates wif treasures. Dey would not share der loot wif me but dat okai cause I hads enuff loots ta buys my pal Boris Kitty a present.

Do you fink Boris will likes dis here eel I did gets him on ma trip to da Akwarium?

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Playin in da Leafs Pile

Da humanz did werks really hards makin dis leafs pile n i did just haz ta jumps rite in n haz sum fun in it. Ma brofur Boris would haz dun it but he not allowed out by da road. N human2 wuz rite der wif me so i wuz okai!

See how much funs I did habs in dat leafs pile! Fall iz fun.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monkeyin 'Round wif Pumpkins

My brutter, Boris, and Human2 did makes a really cool jack-o-lantern wot doz look just like da monkey dud from (we luvs dat place).

den Human2 and I did takes it in to herz daddy in da horsepital to makes him feels better. I fink it werked hims did smile real big n chuckled.

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Hikin in da Woods Wif Shawnee

Human2 did meet up wif oru twitter pal @ShawneeShep n herz mum in da deep dark woods today. Dey did takes a big long walkie in doz woods. I did gets ta meets Shawnee n makes a new furend.

Shawnee did even gib me a ride when I gotted tired. Herz a very nice doggy!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going Postal

I went on ma first mission fur Boris wif Human2 to da Postal Office. We did haz a package fur our pal George the Duck.

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Hello Werld

Hello werld! My name iz Edgar daKitty. I iz a plush kitty. I haz come ta live wif ma peeple n der kittehs. I haz a big brutter named Boris now. We iz tryin to make furends. He sends me out on missions ta places he cannot go.

Diz iz me n ma new brutter Boris!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

I Iz Here

I haz arrived at ma new house and da kittehs did have ta gib me a good sniffin ta see wot I wuz!

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Nuffin just nuffin. Dat cause I dun't even exists yet! Maybe I will come into being tonights. We shall see.