Adventures of Edgar daKitty

Adventures of Edgar daKitty da stand in cat for Boris Kitty

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zoo Trip & Visit Wif @KittehBoi

I wented to visit wif r Twitter pal @kittehboi aka Mr Breeze. Den r humanz wented to da Philadelphia Zoo to seed da way cool LEGO sculptures and of course da anipals der.

On da way to seed Mr Breeze.

Mr Breeze iz a beary nice house panther.

Relaxin at da Zoo

Seed da monkeys. I wants a monkey.

Da monkey's ha dis way cool rain forest LEGO scene.

Hangin wif prehistoric anipals.

Iz dey real or iz dey LEGO? LEGO!

We stopped by to seed da BIG kittehs too.

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