Adventures of Edgar daKitty

Adventures of Edgar daKitty da stand in cat for Boris Kitty

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BlogPaws West 2010

Human2 and I wented to BlogPaws West 2010. We sure had a great time, learned loads of fings and meeted tons of wunnerful peeples.

Dis ma firstest time on an airplane.

BZTAT painted dis cool painting for BlogPaws and me and Cokie and George wanted to pose wif it.

Dis da PAWSUM swag bag we gotted.

u caught me playin wif da litter MOL

They dunt lie it iz da world's best cat litter.

we all felt da need to hang wif da award wot we did no win MOL

I dunt think me or Boris would fit in da Litter Robot.

habbin a glass of water n chillin in da room.

Ok when do we sign up for next years BlogPaws?

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